Blog updates

1. My oldest sister Gemma is blogger of the week.

2. Dr Alban is early 1990s artist of the week, as requested by Kieran.

3. Sven of the Week is a rather fetching jacket spotted by Thérèse. It is available in teak or ‘classic’ black. ‘Classic’ black hahaha, is there a ‘non-classic’ black?

4. I’m listening to Chopin, who is not very metal, but not too bad overall.

5. More books! Current favourite is ‘What St Paul Really Said’ by N T Wright, highly recommended to anyone interested in studying the New Testament seriously even if you have no background in biblical studies. Reformed people be warned, you won’t like it.

6. Lookalike of the week is Scott from my youth group back in Manchester and the moany kid who wants to own a bike in the movie The Belleville Rendezvous.

7. Soon (ish) I’m going to move World of Sven away from Blogspot and have my own proper website. If anyone knows any companies I should avoid, let me know. I need about 50-100mb webspace and want to pay no more than £25 a year.


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