A thought about grace

Once upon a time back at college we had a guest lecturer who came and taught us Romans. He wasn’t very good as I recall, and due to him talking endlessly off the topic he was left to teach us all of Romans 5-16 in a single day, which quite frankly cannot be done. One thing he did say stuck with me however:

“Imagine it’s Judgement Day. You’ve been received into eternal paradise by God and behind you you see all those who have rejected the Gospel about to be cast into hell forever. All the Hitlers of history, Osama bin Laden, the atheists you argued with, the rapists and the murderers and all God’s enemies are weeping floods of tears as they realise that you were right to follow Christ and that they are now going to be damned forever.

Then imagine that God says ‘Stop! I’ve changed my mind. Everyone who hated and rejected me can come into heaven too.’ How would you feel if that happened? Would you feel overjoyed, or cheated and secretly disappointed?

The way you answer that question shows just much or how little you appreciate God’s unconditional love and kindness to you.”


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