World of Sven has had it’s first visitor from Bulgaria, now that is exciting.

Perhaps even more exciting, I’ve now bought my own webspace (thanks for the tips John) and slowly but surely I will start building a proper grown-ups website that will still have all my blog stuff on but a whole load more things besides, though I’m still not 100% sure what that will be. One thing I do guarantee is that there will be lots of buttons, oh yes, there shall be buttons. I’m not about to move this blog across any time soon though, it’ll take a while to sort out.

I’ve concocted a template that I intend to use as front page. The blogger version is currently being tested on my photo blog. I know the green-brown colours are a little vomit inducing but all opinions welcome. Thanks to Ruthsarian for the templates.

I really miss Bryony. We’ve been apart for three months now (though we saw each other for about a week during April) and I hate being away from her. I’m still so excited to see her when I get back and I still get goosebumps when I think about being with her again. She makes me feel more special than I think anyone else ever has 🙂

“Steady on with the soppiness there Sven” I hear you say, “I thought you were all about guns and fighting and kung-fu and football?” Well I’m not, but I’ll try and keep the mushy-love down to a minimum, for all your benefits.


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